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The South Bend Voice website is flexible, accessible on most devices, and content-driven. The design is clean, clear, and uncluttered so that the reader's focus is drawn to the content and advertising spaces.

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South Bend Voice logo
South Bend Voice logo

All the ways to tell a story.

The South Bend Voice's mission is to make visible what other news sources ignore, the voices of local people. This brand reflects the many voices in the South Bend region. The brand is dynamic and evolves alongside the changing human landscape.

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The South Bend Voice harnesses social networks to reach its existing audience and expand its readership through viral content. It regularly conducts video and Skype interviews with local government officials, business leaders and entrepreneurs, political candidates, and interesting locals. Listen to an interview with University of Notre Dame PhD candidates in the YouTube video above.

South Bend Media Kit

Media Kit - December 2014

The South Bend Voice Media Kit helps advertisers understand how the South Bend Voice works. This is a living document that is updated regularly with up-to-date analytics, social media trends, pricing structures, and advertising units.

Click here or the image to the right to download the South Bend Voice Media Kit - December 2014.

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South Bend Media Kit
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