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Cyber attacks are a more serious threat than people would probably like to think about. A single virus uploaded to a vulnerable computer system is capable of knocking off vital infrastructure, leaking classified government information and can potentially be used against our military. It’s already happened before on a small scale. The only question is when will it happen again and how much damage will it do?

Operation Bald Eagle is the story of Agent Ethan Clark, who faces one of the most challenging missions in his thirty year career working for The Agency. A Chinese businessman attempts to acquire a highly valued American technology company with sensitive U.S. government contracts. Intelligence suggests a possible cyber attack is in the works, but all is not as it seems. A thrilling adventure across the globe awaits in this novel.

I’m giving away three free copies of Operation Bald Eagle for Kindle, Nook, and the iPhone/iPad. All you have to do is like Operation Bald Eagle on Facebook at I’ll pick three winners with each getting their choice of platform from the ones mentioned. You can also purchase a copy of your own at and Smashwords at the low price of $.99 for a limited time. Sample up to 50% of the book at Smashwords before you buy!

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