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I recently was interviewed by author and blogger Stephanie Dagg. She runs the blog Books Are Cool, a destination for her thoughts on books as well as the publishing industry. Her books include Oh Gran! and Escape the Volcano. The topics in the interview range from my inspiration for Operation Bald Eagle to favorite foods. It’s quite extensive. Here’s a small sampling of the interview which can be found at this link:

Operation Bald Eagle is an exciting spy thriller from young author Kyle Bell. It follows the actions of CIA agent Ethan Clark and his assistant Martin Frost as they fight to prevent a cyber-attack on the United States. It’s gritty, fast-moving, worryingly plausible and brilliantly written. Well worth a read.

Kyle Bell is a very interesting guy so this has turned into quite a long interview, but I know you’ll find it fascinating. So here we go.

What inspired you to write Operation Bald Eagle?

I have always been a big fan of the spy genre – everything from James Bond movies to video games like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid. More recently I discovered Ian Fleming’s writings out of curiosity for how the movie character differed from the big screen renditions. I’ve drawn inspiration from all of these in order to write Operation Bald Eagle.

Which character from the book are you most like – Clark, Frost, Goldberg or Falcon?

I would like to think that I’m closer to Ethan Clark and Martin Frost than the villains! Ethan is level-headed and reasonable. Readers will find his coolness appealing, as well as the fact that he comes across as human. Frost is young and idealistic. He’s less cautious and prone to mistakes. Really, I’m a blend of both characters, although I could never do their job in a million years.

Check out the full interview at http://booksarecool.com/2012/interview-with-kyle-bell-author-of-operation-bald-eagle/.

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