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Operation Bald Eagle – The Dossier

What is Operation Bald Eagle?

Operation Bald Eagle is a new spy fiction book from author Kyle Bell. It tells the thrilling story of a CIA agent investigating a potential cyber-attack on U.S. soil. The book begins with a Chinese businessman attempting to purchase an American technology company with sensitive government contracts. An exciting car chase that leads them to the Golden Gate Bridge ends with their target dead and few leads to go on. All is not as it seems, though, as Ethan Clark will soon find out.

Who is Ethan Clark?

Ethan Clark is a middle-aged veteran of the CIA. He’s tough around the edges, sarcastic; some would even call him an asshole. His decades of experience have led to doubts about the role that America plays in the world. Things are not black and white. He sees the world in shades of gray.

Why should I care?

Fans of spy novels, movies and video games will find that Operation Bald Eagle draws inspiration from familiar franchises. While Ethan Clark is in many ways an anti-Bond hero, Operation Bald Eagle’s larger-than-life villains will challenge even the most memorable bad guys in the Bond universe. Operation Bald Eagle goes back to the roots of the spy genre and makes it relevant to a 21st century world.

Where can I buy?

Operation Bald Eagle is available at multiple online retailers for $3.99 including Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo. Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBookstore and Sony will soon follow. See the links below!


Operation Bald Eagle Commences with E-Book Launch

The official launch of Operation Bald Eagle was January 23 to coincide with Chinese New Year. Now we have a press release to spread the exciting news to the world!

Operation Bald Eagle

Operation Bald Eagle Commences with E-Book Launch

An exciting new spy novel questions corporate power and the vulnerability of America’s infrastructure to cyber-attack


South Bend, Indiana – January, 25, 2012 – Operation Bald Eagle has launched on and Smashwords for $3.99 with Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBookstore and Kobo to follow in the weeks to come. A paperback version will be released later in 2012.

Agent Ethan Clark faces one of his most daunting challenges yet in this spy thriller that sends the CIA veteran from San Francisco to Taiwan. The Chinese attempt to acquire a highly valued American technology company with sensitive U.S. government contracts. Intelligence suggests that a possible cyber-attack is in the works, but all is not as it seems.

“Operation Bald Eagle is a story of resolve in the face of adversity,” said author Kyle W. Bell. “The world of Ethan Clark is dominated by overwhelming corporate power and government corruption. Politics gets in the way of the job. Fortunately, people with good intentions still work on behalf of the American public – even when everything seems hopeless.”

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About the Author

Kyle W. Bell holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Indiana University South Bend. He calls South Bend his home where he was born and raised. He has always been an avid writer. At the age of twenty-three, he likes to think that his youth gives him the freedom to write openly and refrain from being overly cynical.

Kyle’s main interests include writing, reading books, keeping tabs on the news, watching sports and being with both friends and family. In 2003, he founded the video game news and review website Game Freaks 365. His interest in politics drove him to create in 2007, a political blog meant to generate ideas and debate on policy, as well as current events.

He is the recipient of the Indiana Black Expo’s Martin Luther King Junior Award. It was won in an essay contest in 2002 writing about the perils of racial profiling in the wake of 9/11. The following year he was awarded with the Presidential Award for excellence in education. In 2011 his writing on sports development appeared in Indiana University South Bend’s Undergraduate Research Journal.


Feel free to send an e-mail to kwb at kylebell dot com if you are interested in a review copy for your website, newspaper or blog. Available formats include PDF, Kindle, ePub and more. I am also available for interview upon request.