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The Sanctuary Movement Tops Amazon Charts

The Sanctuary Movement: How Broken Immigration Policies Affect Cities is currently the top selling Immigration Law book at Amazon. The Sanctuary Movement is a book about the broken immigration system in the United States where cities have had to respond to the failings of the federal government with practical and sometimes controversial solutions. Sanctuary cities have been created to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation. The book examines the relationship between the federal government, sanctuary cities and their undocumented citizens. You can buy The Sanctuary Movement at for only $2.99.

Operation Bald Eagle Facebook Page

A Facebook page for Operation Bald Eagle has launched. If you have a Facebook account feel free to like the page at for the latest updates. Of course you can also follow as it is being written at Smashwords.

The book is progressing quite nicely. Over 45 pages and counting! Can Ethan Clark prevent a cyber attack on the United States? You’ll find out soon enough. I expect that Operation Bald Eagle will soar into retail beginning in January 2012.

Christmas Sale: Get Ozzy for $.99!

Ozzy is now available for a limited time price of $.99 at and Smashwords. Ozzy is my personal favorite book that I’ve written so far. It is a fictional book inspired by events that I was close to.

As the description says, “Ozzy is the short story of a cat and his master. After losing his beloved wife, the man struggles to cope with a lonely life, a troubled son, and the nightmares of his past.” That man is my grandfather. It’s an honor to be able to write a story about my now-deceased grandparents.


The sale should be reflected at Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBookstore and other retailers in the coming week or two when it ships to them.