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I thought I would post something non-political for a change. As you may know, I also run the video game website A few months ago I signed up for Google Analytics to better track our hit information for everything from where our visitors are coming from to what part of the world they reside. I thought I would share some interesting demographic information about the site that I run.

First let’s look at the distribution of our viewers. The three states that attract the most viewers (in order) are California, Illinois and New York. California being the largest state in the U.S. (by far), makes perfect sense at #1. Illinois (the 5th largest state), surprised me at #2, ahead of New York (3rd largest state), Texas (2nd largest) and Florida (4th largest). In fact, Florida falls behind Georgia and Indiana. My guess is that this has to do with the fact that so many retirees live in that state and thus are less likely to own a computer, have Internet access and be interested in video games. For the most part, the population of a state is reflected in these numbers. Indiana is over-represented (I live in the state, have friends and promote the site here) and Florida under-represented (probably due to the age of its residents).

Being a Political Science major, I have always loved looking at maps like this. Google Analytics does a great job of breaking down viewers by country, state and even city. Not only do I know what states my site is popular in, I know what cities. For instance our California viewers are mostly concentrated in the Los Angeles and Bay Area metropolitan regions. This pretty well reflects the population distribution in the state. In Illinois (not surprisingly), almost all of the viewers are within the greater Chicago area. New York City is the pre-eminent city in the state of New York and the entire East Coast. I should note that these dots do NOT represent a single unique hit. It all depends on the number of hits in a state, along with which cities are most heavily represented. The dots are cities and the larger the dot, the more unique viewers from that city. Obviously an agglomeration of dots is a dense spread of suburbs within a metropolitan area.

Our E3 2009 coverage was extremely well received by viewers. The site experienced an increase of over 50 percent in unique hits during the month of June. At its peak, we saw unique visits reaching nearly 600 a day. Not including periods of downtime, this was significantly up from the three month low of 125 uniques on April 18, 2009. The trend is on the way up as the site continues to retain viewers gained during the E3 period of coverage.

Going forward, the site is going to continue to focus on expansion. With 1272 friends on Myspace, 120 followers on Twitter and 131 fans on Facebook, Game Freaks 365 is well positioned in the social networking sites to not only stay competitive, but provide free promotional opportunities to the site. We will continue to focus on providing high quality news stories, honest reviews and a forum for our community to express themselves.

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